Bryan Perry's Cash Machine: Double-digit Income Investing

Weekly Update: September 15, 2014

Big Week Ahead for Market Bulls

A quick view of the economic, IPO and Fed calendars provides a clear take on how well the bullish case will be able to build on itself following a three-week period of consolidation for the major averages. The scales are tipped in favor of being long the U.S. markets as the third quarter comes to a close and earnings season approaches against a somewhat cautious tone.

For what is historically a quiet time of the year, much has transpired during the past month, from volatile geopolitical situations to a major rally in the dollar to levels not seen since July 2013. The soaring greenback is drawing capital flows from around the globe into U.S. equities and debt assets, which is providing a solid bid under both markets.


Monthly Issue: September 8, 2014

Charting a Year-End Course for High Yield

Following the soft jobs data and the ECB's proactive measures to reduce interest rates and pump liquidity into its financial system, there were some reassuring analyst and notable market strategist calls out that reiterated buy recommendations on MLPs, BDCs, REITs, high yield debt, convertible debt and specialty/hybrid income funds that are the basis of what comprises most of the Cash Machine model portfolio. Read

Compare & Contrast

The compare and contrast feature includes a table of guaranteed yields reflecting current yields as a way to compare risk-free investments versus recommendations within the Cash Machine service. Having a handle on what Jumbo Certificates of Deposit, Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes, Ginnie Maes and Money Markets are paying provides important reference points for investors stepping outside these traditional and ultra-safe investments.

Yields determined as of 9/5/14.

Securities Yield
30-Day Treasury Bill 0.02%
1-Year Treasury Note 0.10%
5-Year Treasury Note 1.69%
10-Year Treasury Note 2.46%
30-Year Treasury Bond 3.23%
Taxable Money Market 0.40%
Tax-Exempt Money Market 0.10%
1-Year Certificate of Deposit 1.00%
5-year Certificate of Deposit 2.30%
SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) 1.87%
The Average Cash Machine Investor 9.12%

Watch List

I'm always looking for new investment opportunities to add to our portfolios. Here's what I'm researching right now. I'll let you know if any of these companies meet my buy criteria.